Basic Care for DSLR Cameras

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With the latest DLSR cameras, you can easily capture great moments in your life. This is one reason they are great investments. Whether you use these gadgets for a hobby or for professional purposes, it is important you know how to care for it.

-Buy a Sturdy Camera Bag

DSLR cameras require a case that provides all-around protection. This can keep your gadget protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and accidental falls. The casing features a padded interior that can break falls. Plastic or paper bags may not do as they are made of fragile material. Camera bags, on the other hand, are durable and lightweight. They even have straps that can let you carry the gadgets anywhere. You can find different casings at affordable prices. Most shops have different designs to suit different models.

-Buy New Lens Cap when Required

These parts come with the gadget so you can use it anytime and anywhere. Replace the cap on your camera when you are not using it. If you leave the camera exposed, dust and other particles can settle on the lens. You can buy separate lens hoods as optional camera accessories.

-Use the Right Cleaning Tool

Use soft cleaning cloth with your DSLR cameras. An ordinary fabric can cause more scratches on the lens. Buy an ultrafine microfiber cleaning cloth. In some cases, this already comes with the camera. This can effectively remove all kinds of particles, dust, finger marks, and grease spots. With this cloth, you may not find any streaks or smudges at all.

You can even use this to clean other camera accessories.

-Remove Batteries when Not Used

Take out batteries from cameras when you are not using them. This saves battery life for more important situations.

Cameras+ Beach= Disaster?

Beaches are scenic spots where you can take breath-taking photos. Sunrise and sunsets are perfect for a photo-shoot. While beaches offer quality settings, its elements may damage DSLR cameras. Most of these gadgets are not waterproof. A trickle of sand or water can damage the camera hardware and make it useless. This is why when going to the beach, always bring a cleaning cloth. Wrap a plastic bag around it tightly. Cut some portions for the lens and the viewfinder. When you cover the camera with this, wrap a tight rubber band around the lens protrusion. This can secure the bag there.

Sand is another element that can be harmful for DLSR cameras or digital cameras. These fine particles can scratch your lens. Though chances of this happening are quite low, you should still cover the lens when you are not using it. Better yet, place the DSLR camera in its proper casing. Be cautious when using camera on sand. Wear the straps in case your hand slips. Put a towel underneath to prevent sand from entering the hardware.

If you have a budget, buy blower brushes. You can get these camera accessories at photography shops and online stores. Most professionals use this to remove sand and dirt without using their hands. Look for Tripods if you want steady shots. This equipment can safeguard the camera and help produce even shots.

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