Top 10 Affordable Lenses For Shooting In Extreme Low Light

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There are a lot of digital cameras available in the market nowadays. That is why it isn’t surprising to find that accessories for these devices are also abundant. As a person who is inclined (or maybe starting) in photography, you have probably heard about the different digital camera lens. You might have felt the need to try them out but you realized that that would be a waste of time, not to mention, money. So here is an guide that will let you understand which is the best digital camera lens for you.

1.Fold optics lenses

Fold optics lenses are the ones that fold sideways to the camera’s body. This kind of lens is very sleek and compact. Lenses of this type are very much protected by its built-in cover. Although these lenses are suitable for those who like compact devices, these models don’t support lens converters. Based on different reviews, these lenses produces lower optical quality despite its higher costs compared to that of external lens designs.

2.Fixed zoom lenses

Fixed zoom lenses are not retractable even if the camera is turned off. However, this kind of “flaw” has its own use since these lenses can magnify objects at an average of 18 times. Attaching lens converters to perform different kind of shooting would not be a problem with these lenses. Fixed zoom lenses are commended for business users and serious amateurs in photography.

3.Fixed focal length lenses

Snapshooters and budget buyers should take advantage of this kind of lenses. It doesn’t have an optical zoom to magnify objects. It is also very affordable. Cameras with fixed focal length lenses always have easy and quick camera operations. Although these lens provide the lowest quality available in the market, they are very good for shooting wide angle views such as landscapes and group shots.

4.Retractable zoom lenses

Although cameras with these lenses do not support lens converters, they are still very suitable for budget buyers and snapshooters. These lenses are always paired with sleek and compact designs to give it a very light look. This type of lenses, however, is not suitable for people who like to manually set controls since its switches are always limited.

5.Interchangeable lenses

Only digital SLRS offer you the chance to change lenses. Interchangeable lenses are recommendable to serious amateurs who want to have flexibility in handling subjects and views. Cameras with interchangeable lenses will enable you to save money since you won’t have to buy new cameras for different kinds of photography.

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