How To Make A Career In Fashion Photography?

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Career In Fashion Photography

Models are seen everywhere, in magazines, on billboards, along the way, and on television. The fashion photographer brings them to us when their images are captured with care and precision, patience and that special look for style, color and lighting composition.

If you decide and want to become a fashion photographer, the following tips should be taken into consideration to achieve your objective.

Knowledge is not always exhaustive therefore it is imperative that you study your subject. Read and look at fashion magazines you can lay your hands on. There are many interesting books on fashion and fashion photography available and they would be useful to you.

The Camera is an essential tool and you will need one or two with tripod and a lighting system. Ensure always that you have more than enough film and batteries available. Since SLR and digital cameras take different photos, make sure you choose the one that is the best for your field.

You should have your portfolio handy in case the Editor of the fashion magazine wants to peruse samples of your work when you apply to be a fashion photographer. Your portfolio should have a minimum of 20 photos in sharp and bright images of 4×5″ transparency preferably in different styles. Tear sheets of your published works in the magazine/paper or a fashion contest should be should be included in your portfolio. Your expertise should be shown in full figure or just partial body parts.

Do not forget to make a good shoot of designer jewelry and accessories on the bodies of your models. Try and leave a copy of your portfolio behind when you apply for the fashion work.

With the advent of modern technology, it would not be out of place to display your talent as a fashion photographer online. You should set up a website, submit your photos to contests. Also submit to online fashion galleries. This exposes your work for people to see your type of work and also what you can do for them.

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