Traditions: Indian Wedding Fashion

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The wedding fashion in India is like nothing anywhere. There is distinctness in each and every aspect, one which is too difficult to miss, too difficult to not notice. One look at a lehenga-clad bride, with mascara lining her beautiful lashes and lips set to their best advantage and you know she is the quintessential Indian bride and the handsomely dressed male by her side is her consort, her very true knight in shining armor.

Wedding clothes

Wedding fashion in India differs from region to region but typically means a bridal lehenga (long and heavily embroidered skirt worn with blouse and long veil) or a bridal sari for the bride and Sherwani or Tuxedo for the groom. The bride and the groom look resplendent in their finery. The colors that made brightened up the aisles this year were shades of violet, purple, pink, mauve and fuchsia for the bride, and crème and gold for the groom.

Wedding Shoes

The groom’s footwear depend on the choice of his dress. Formal shoes for suit or tuxedos and traditional ‘mochdis’ are the perfect for the sherwani, kurta and other forms of traditional attire. If the saying that a man’s shoes provide a concrete glimpse into his persona, then the groom has every reason to fuss over his wedding shoes, choosing the best pair that go well with his attire.

For the bride, moderately heeled sandals or stilettos, those matching with her attire are the best bet.

Wedding hairstyle

The bride and the groom have to pay special attention to their hairstyle on their wedding day. While a major part of the bride’s head is covered under the veil, these days the veils are sheer enough to give the guests a good view of her hair and her hairstyle. Elegantly wound buns with little tendrils trailing the throat are amongst the most popular bridal hairstyles this wedding season.

Indian Wedding Fashion dictates that the groom has to sport the hairstyle that suits him the best. He should make a point to shave on his wedding day because a stubble look is definitely no-no for such an important day.

Wedding makeup

The touchstones of the best bridal makeup this season’s Indian wedding fashion are overly emphasized eyes and lips with only subtle emphasis on the cheeks and other parts of the face. The forehead is covered by wedding bindis or head ornament known as ‘maang tika’. The groom has to only pay attention to perfect cleanliness and take care to smell good on the Big Day.

Wedding Jewelry

The best part about the Indian Wedding Fashion is the wedding jewelry that are the real hallmarks of a bride’s beauty. Gold and Kundan are mired in traditions and diamonds, amethysts and rubies stand for modernity. A smart combination of them has a truly breathtaking affect on the overall appeal of an Indian bride, one that leaves everybody around her bewitched.

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